5 Web Design Mistakes that Could Be Costing Your Business

5 Web Design Mistakes that Could Be Costing Your Business

Every time my husband and I go out of town, we try to find a church we can attend in that area. My husband always makes fun of me for the way that I attempt to search for a church online. Saturday night, I turn on my laptop and search “city + ‘church'” on google to find a church to attend on Sunday morning. I end up quickly eliminating the churches with ‘bad’ websites, ones that have bad design or look outdated. Why? Because I picture those churches to only have traditional services with only elderly people, singing hymns led by an organist. Nothing against these types of churches, but it just isn’t my style. I end up picking the churches that have a contemporary, well-designed homepage, an attractive logo, and great photos that show a praise band leading worship with cool lights in the background on their stage. In the end, no, the websites aren’t always representative of how the church is, but some reason I can’t stray away from this method of searching.

Am I crazy for only caring about design in order to pick a ‘good’ church? Yes, probably. But, I do believe it IS representative of how many consumers are using the web. Statistics from BIA/Kelsey show that nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media to research products or services online. Your website may be the first impression that these potential consumers have of your business. So put some work into your web design. These mistakes could be costing you to lose some business.

1. Your website design looks outdated or amateur.
Yes, some businesses can get by without having a professional designer design their website. With the right tools, templates, and photos, your website could look pretty good. BUT, could hiring a professional improve your website? A great website design can validate to consumers that your business is a legit, professional business. Your website can either boost your reputation or turn potential consumers away. If you’re trying to save money by doing it yourself, you could actually be losing potential customers, and in the end, losing money. So do it right the first time. Hire a professional web designer and photographer (for some professional photos on your site), and make sure your website looks contemporary, attractive, and can easily engage potential customers.

2. Your website has poor content layout.
A professionally designed website with an attractive homepage and vivid photos can be ruined by having poor content layout. If users can’t find what they are looking for within a few seconds, they may leave. If the content looks outdated with old dates on it and old events posted, they may think your business doesn’t exist anymore. Make sure your website is user-friendly and updated frequently. Organize your content well, and make sure your navigation makes sense to your user so that they can get to where they want to go easily.

3. Your website is not responsive (mobile-friendly).
When you look at your website on a mobile device, is it just a tinier version of the website? Not having a responsive website (one that provides optimal viewing experiences across a wide range of devices) might be hindering your business. A responsive website is vital so that those searching for your business on their mobile phones, tablets, etc. will be able to navigate through your site more easily instead of having to zoom all the way in and scroll through your website.

4. Your website does not have a call to action.
Convert your website visitors into customers. With a simple “Call to Action” to give your visitors a little push for what to do next, you could help them make the next step! Whether that means to contact you, visit your store, download something online, etc. Offer them solutions and tell them how to get there!

5. Your website uses flash (or has too many animations, music, videos, etc)
Okay, I guess I put four things into one here. But they all go into one category. Basically, there’s too much going on! I haven’t seen too many flash websites anymore these days, but I do still see a few. Flash websites aren’t the most accessible. Most mobile web browsers have no Flash support, and sometimes users have trouble viewing it on their computers too. At the same time, flash content can’t be read by search engines, so it won’t help you get to the top of the search engines when users are searching for your business. On top of this, some websites have too many animations or music/videos that automatically play when you enter the website. These things (when not used correctly) can be very distracting. I personally highly dislike websites that play music right away, and I try to quickly find the pause button or close the tab. Clean up your website a little! Simplicity is key.

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