The Art of Hand Lettering

The Art of Hand Lettering

I’ve basically had the same handwriting since I was in 2nd grade. I learned the curvatures of each letter, practiced it on those practice sheets when I was little, making sure my capital letters touched the top of the box and my lowercase letters all hit the dotted line.

During high school, I used to envy those people who doodled on their notes during class. The ones that said they were listening, but at the same time had a sheet full of drawings and fancy lines on their paper. I wasn’t a doodler. I wasn’t creative. I couldn’t draw without looking at the original, and I didn’t have much variety in what my handwriting looked like. Just normal or cursive.

After computers were in and I was old enough to have my own computer and laptop, I had less and less of a chance to handwrite things. Today, I’ve tapped back into the world of handwriting. That’s right, hand-written writing. In this digital age, I’ve been surprised to see this resurgence of hand lettering in the design world. Not only on chalkboards, but in logos, labels, posters, and everywhere. It’s more real, it’s unique, and there’s some sense of home in it.

What’s the difference between hand lettering and calligraphy? Calligraphy is writing letters, while lettering is drawing letters. So today, I drew my very first piece ever of Hand Lettering. Not the best, but hey, it’s my first time.

Here’s my short and simple process below.

1. Write out what words I will be hand lettering. Make a simple sketch of the placement.
art of hand lettering handwriting


2. Sketch it out!
hand lettering drawn


3. Bring it into illustrator and vectorize!
hand lettering final

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