Book Design and Layout

Book Design and Layout

New year, new projects, new beginnings. Just wanted to share with you one of the projects I’ve been working on recently…

I had the privilege to work with Hear and See Christian Audio Group and the Kuo family to design the cover and layout the pages of the book, Revealing Redemption, A Testimony By Robert Kuo. The book was originally written and printed in Chinese, but after an overwhelming response for this book to be translated into English, the translation was finished and this book came to life.

After reading through Robert’s Kuo’s story, a clear image was imprinted on my mind to what could be used for the book cover. This a testimony of how God has been writing the story of Kuo’s life and each day, uncovering how God redeems his life and how He reveals His grace and mercy to him each day. On the cover, a representation of Robert Kuo, a businessman, walks across the line being drawn out before him and enters a new world that is being revealed and painted before him. (Artists’ note: there’s a slight hinting at the “bridge diagram” in this image as well. Ask me if you’re interested to hear what that’s all about.)

Laying out the inside pages of this book was a different kind of thrill for me. The structured, rigid part of my brain got to be used as I had to make sure all the lines of each page were lined up with each other, that all the words on each page ended at the same point on every page, that each page in the book looked uniform. I used a serif typeface for the body text for ease of reading and a separate sans serif typeface for the titles that had to match well with the body text. I had to make sure there was the right amount of space between the titles and the text, between each line, and the right amount of margins on all sides of the text. Now with the book in hand, flipping through the pages of the book makes me feel complete, at peace, satisfied. (Can any designers relate to this feeling??…please…)


This book is not for sale, but if you’re interested in picking up a free copy of this book for yourself, visit or email Hear and See at

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