A Closer Look Into Our New Website Design!

A Closer Look Into Our New Website Design!

May 3 was officially Design Squirrel’s three-month anniversary. Over the past three months, I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot of great design, and thought through a few flaws on our own website. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been brainstorming, sketching, designing, and working with our web developer to come up with our new website design.

So here it is.5 New Things on New Website

Here are 5 new features/improvements on our new site:

1. NEW TAG LINE: “Let us help you tell your story.” At Design Squirrel, our main goal is to use our graphic design skills to help local businesses tell their story. Whether the means is through a poster, website, or any other medium, we want to help businesses to successfully visually communicate with their customers.

2. SLIDING BANNER IMAGES: We added a few visually inspiring images for the homepage, ones with more color, unique compositions, and a call to action to lead viewers to more information. Large visuals on the homepage are vital to draw attention to the readers and keep them interested into looking further into your website.

3. CLEAN LAYOUT: Cleaner is better. We decided to use a cleaner layout with more white and white space instead of the darker colors used in the previous website.

4. SERVICES: We added a services page to discuss what kinds of services we offer and more information about it. This includes branding and logo design, print design, web design, and personal event design.

5. STORE: We added a store link to our brand new Storenvy store! Check out our latest products on sale – printable Mother’s Day cards!

Check out the new website yourself to see some more improvements and updates!